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2017.8.3  ISJEE2017 HP Opened!


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The Map of Civic center, Banquet and Hotel
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The announcement is as follows.
7 minutes of speech, 3 minutes of discussion

The 7th International Joint-Symposium on Engineering Education 2017


The seventh International Joint Symposium on Engineering Education (IJSEE 2017) will be open. We feel so proud and appreciated as well to be the host of the conference. On behalf of the Organizing Committee of IJSEE 2017, please allow me to give our hearty welcome you to participate in the 7th International Joint Symposium on Engineering Education 2017 in Kirishima, Japan. The IJSEE is a meeting for experts of all engineering education to exchange their academic viewpoints, creative ideas and achievements, learn from each other and promote common progress. We hope that this symposium can provide an interdisciplinary platform for students and professors.


                                                                                                                                                           IJSEE Chair


Scope of this symposium


IJSEE is an International Conference on Engineering Education. The objectives of IJSEE 2017 are to provide opportunity for mutual exchange in engineering education among students.


Registration Fee

Professor 10,000Yen  Student 4,000Yen

All bank charges must be paid by the participant

Overview of IJSEE2017

The 7th International Joint Symposium on Engineering Education (IJSEE 2017)will be held in Kagoshima, Japan. The conference offers keynote speeches, oral presentation session and other forms of communication and information exchange.

Submission deadline



30th November, 2017



The number of pages is A4 2-6 pages, including figures and tables

(Refer to a template).

Extended Abstract is A4 2pages, 


Over 4pages paper is Peer Review Paper

04th December, 2017

Acceptance/rejection letter 

(based on the conference paper format).

08th December, 2017

Accept the final pdf file


Information Contact

Prof. Kimihide Tsukamoto  Prof. Yun-Hae KIM
tsuka(at mark)kagoshima-ct.ac.jp  yunheak(at mark)kmou.ac.kr